Alex Farrar & Adam Mcdaniel - Drop Of Sun Recording Asheville NC

Founded in 2015 by Adam McDaniel and Alex Farrar, Drop of Sun was a home studio with seven foot ceilings and one room for all recording and monitoring purposes. While on paper it may have seemed a less-than-ideal music creation environment, it attracted local and nationally recognized artists to return time and time again to help realize their creative goals.  Awareness spread by word of mouth and began to flourish with a need for an approachable space for creators at any level in their career. What grew to define the studio wasn’t simply a space or a list of gear, but an experience of true collaboration and comfortability which made artists feel welcome and safe to create. The hope was to foster a true sense of community and help to further develop a new chapter of the music scene in Asheville.

In September of 2021, Drop of Sun Studios and Production opened the doors of their new location in and quickly began attracting artists both near and far, such as Angel Olsen, Archers of Loaf, Animal Collective, Wednesday, and Indigo de Souza. The studio spaces are expertly designed to deliver beautifully accurate sound. In addition to acoustic excellence and top-of-the line equipment, the creative atmosphere is unparalleled in comfort and inspiration.

The original mission and desire to foster this local scene is further enabled by Lamplight AVL, a non-profit which offers studio space to artists, along with a time and place for exhibiting or performing created works. What grew out of a one-room basement studio is now a centerpiece in the arts movement coming out of Asheville, North Carolina.

We are located at 821 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806. Come see us!”