Indigo DeSouza Releases Single “Younger and Dumber”

February 8th marked the release of new single “Younger and Dumber” by Indigo DeSouza accompanied by a music video and an announcement of an upcoming album “All This Will End”.

“‘Younger and Dumber’ is a flood beam of my emotional and spiritual human experience. My growing up defeated by a world brutally littered with trash, violence and grief, and somehow finding beauty, purpose, and boundless love existing in the same place. This song felt really emotionally intense for me when I wrote it. I was sitting in my house and it kind of flowed right to me as if it had already been written by some other force.

A lot of the lyrics are a nod to the idea that your experiences make you who you are. I endured some heavy darkness and dysfunction when I was a teenager. But if I hadn’t been through those things, I wouldn’t be who I am now. When you’re young, you don’t know any better, but you learn from your experiences, and then you become somebody who’s been alive and learning. It’s also about how heartbreaking that is; to start as a child with vivid curiosity, innocent imagination and joy, and for the world to end up being kind of brutal to be a part of. This song is a love letter to everyone’s inner child. No one can prepare us for how insane it is to be alive. How many times we will have to rise from the ashes and what courage it will take.”

– Indigo DeSouza


“Indigo De Souza — Artist To Watch and one of the Best New Bands Of 2021 — has announced her new album, All Of This Will End. The follow-up to her 2021 breakthrough, Any Shape You Take, will be out April 28 via Saddle Creek and comes with a debut single, “Younger & Dumber,” which has a self-directed music video.

All Of This Will End feels more true to me than anything ever has,’ De Souza adds of her latest album, which she recorded with her band at Asheville’s Drop Of Sun Studios with producer and engineer Alex Farrar. ‘Up until recently, my life felt chaotic. Now, so much of the chaos is behind me. I have an incredible community, I love where I live, and I’m surrounded by truly incredible people who are dedicated to deep connection and joy. My music feels like it’s coming from a centered place of reflection.'”

– Rachel Brodsky for Stereogum

“All This Will End” was co-produced and mixed by Alex Farrar at Drop of Sun.